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Climate and nature

Gazipaşa is a town and district of Antalya Province on the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey,


180 km east of the city of Antalya and 30 km east of Alanya. Gazipaşa is a quiet rural district famous for its bananas, oranges and international airport. Gazipaşa district is adjacent to Alanya to the west, Sarıveliler to the north and Anamur to the east. Gazipaşa has not experienced the tourist boom of neighbouring Alanya but there are now efforts being made to attract tourists to the district. Tourist attractions include some sites from antiquity, caves, beaches, the opportunity to appreciate the marvellous Taurus Mountain scenery with mountain walking or motor touring. Some retired Europeans found their second home in Gazipasa and come here to escape from cold and snowy winters.

Weather Information


Highest day temperature/Lowest night temperature

Last ten years average values per month. 
Weather statics are processed based on data from the nearest weather station Gazipasa Airport (LTFG) 



Places to visit and things to do in Gazipasa:

  • Koru Beach (with its Marcian landscape and natural pools)

  • Kizilin Beach with a beautiful red rock and Pirate’s Cave (Korsanlar Magarasi) you can reach only by boat 

  • Muz Denizi Beach (Banana Beach)

  • Selinius Castle

  • Macar Denize

  • Orman Campi Beach (Forest Beach)

  • Adanda Castle (Lamos)

  • Antiochia ad Cragum

  • Laertes

  • Traditional Turkish restaurants with authentic cuisine (Sarai Restaurant, Buluc Balik Evi)

  • Friday Farmers’ Market famous for its naturally grown local fruit and vegetables: all year round

  • Yalan Dunya ("Fake World") Cave – the third largest in the world.

  • Old Way from Alanya to Gazipasa with its spectacular bays with ancient ruins, banana terrace fields and fish restaurants

  • Trip to a mountainous village

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