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THING TO SEE AND DO IN ALANYA IN APRIL-MAY FROM TREDVISOR: a trip to the TAURUS MOUNTAINS, BIRDS' NEST (Kuş Yuvası) and YAILA (plateaus). What can be better than a trip to the mountains? We started from Mahmutlar and kept going upwards, then continued along the road which connects Karaman-Ermenek and Alanya and got to the recently built tunnels near the place called Kuş Yuvası [Birds' Nest], as there are many birds, especially eagles, around. This narrow mountain road is very dangerous for cars, so we just hiked there to enjoy the most breathtaking views and the magnificent beauty of the Taurus mountains and the Tosmur Canyon. Then we continued our trip upwards and got so close to the snow capped mountains. We stopped to have lunch in Yaila (highland plateau) and then headed back passing the Tosmur canyon. We can't help admiring the diverse nature, rocks, waterfalls of Alanya region.

🚕🚗You may get to the mountains and Birds' Nest by car/taxi.

Thank you! Enjoy your visit to the breathtaking BIRDS' NEST (Kuş Yuvası) - one of the natural wonders of Alanya region place! Stay safe! 😎

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