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#1. How to make sure you are dealing with an official, professional and certified Real Estate Office in Turkey.

Not so long ago the real estate market in Turkey was not regulated and restaurant waiters, hotel receptionists, taxi drivers, sales staff in the street acted like real estate agents. Unfortunately, it resulted in the lack of professionalism and safety and a lot of confusion for many foreign buyers. According to new real estate law in Turkey (published in June 2018), a Certificate of Professional Competence is required to do real estate business in Turkey. The Certificate is awarded after passing a special state exam and is valid for 5 years. At least Level 4 is required, but the Director of the Real Estate office must have the highest Level 5 Certificate of Professional Competence until the end of 2019.

So, when you are buying property in Turkey please ask from your real estate agents their CERTIFICATE OF PROFESSIONAL CONPETENCE. If they do not have such a certificate until the end of 2019, they are working illegal.

There are also other important requirements ensuring the safety of your deal. Such as a permission from the City Council to do business (which is now issued on the basis of the Professional Competence Certificate and office inspection making sure the office meets all the safety and professional requirements, including even special video cameras and recorder to ensure the safe storage of the clients’ data and contracts, requirements to the office space, etc.)

If you want to make a safe investment in real estate sector in Turkey and to avoid unpleasant surprises, please work with legal companies.

Tredvisor is a licensed (Level 5 Professional Certification) Alanya-based real estate company with a network of foreign partners. We have a lot of good offers (both new ones - directly from the best developers - or in the secondary market). It would be our pleasure to help you find the property which fits your requirements - your happiness is our goal. Please follow our business page or visit our office to benefit from the other important things a property buyer should know, as well as a step-by-step property buying guide and a check list.

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